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Take your technique to the next level


Coach Cohen’s philosophy stands on the phrase "practice makes permanent”: the proper practiced technique translates into permanent muscle memory. He places intense training emphasis on his players’ ability to react instantaneously and transition seamlessly from their first move (clamp, rake, or counter) into their second move (saw down, counter, or exit), followed by quick reactions and calculated counters. He spends countless hours with his athletes reviewing film, so they train to be critical and self-aware of their technique and decision-making enabling them to perform at their highest potential.

Another main emphasis of Coach Cohen’s approach is the larger role the faceoff athlete plays on the field, as a quarterback of sorts. FOA PA athletes, in addition to refining their faceoff skills and technique, must also be able to coordinate their wings. Wing play is a crucial part of the position, where the faceoff athlete acts as a field general, communicating how they want their wings situated in order to work together and function optimally as a team, not purely as a solo position.

Coach Cohen carefully selects only a handful of faceoff athletes to work with individually, as he becomes more of a mentor, especially to those at the elite level. He wants his players to feel comfortable contacting him at any time to ask questions, seek out advice, and discuss solutions for issues both on the field and off the field. Coach Cohen’s athletes all possess relentless determination, a positive attitude, and a desire to improve at any level. Coach Cohen always makes sure the energy is always positive.

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