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  • What is SNG?
    SNG stands for "Standing Neutral Grip." The rules state that all age groups must face off using this stance.
  • What can you do to be faster?
    Practice, practice, practice. Often athletes think that if they come to all scheduled FOA sessions, they will automatically see a drastic improvement. What many athletes don’t understand is that to become the best, it requires hard work on their own between sessions, repping what they have learned, so that practiced technique becomes permanent.
  • What do you mean, "don't be a fogo, be a faceoff athlete"?
    In the past, the faceoff position was sometimes considered one-dimensional; faceoff guys were viewed as players that could faceoff and do little else. As the game has evolved, the faceoff position has grown to be recognized as a key winning variable in a total game equation. More winning faceoffs, lead to more possessions, which can lead to a significant edge for any strategic team. College coaches increasingly want their faceoff specialists spending more time on the field, securing that advantage, which is driving faceoff athletes to become significantly better all-around lacrosse players – the very definition of a Faceoff Athlete. Specifically, Coach Cohen wants his athletes to feel comfortable picking up tough ground balls, using their off-hand smoothly, shooting the ball hard and accurately, and being able to play both offense and defense – the total package.
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