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Coach Cohen ready for battle

Coach Cohen

Coach Cohen has been obsessive about faceoffs since he began playing lacrosse while growing up in Rockland County, NY and in college at SUNY Cortland. His budding coaching career began when the first faceoff specialist he trained was named to the All-American Honorable Mention list. He followed this success by working directly for Greg Gurenlian, founder and head of The Faceoff Academy (FOA), where he learned every facet of how to coach and train faceoff specialists of all skill levels directly from Greg - the best of the best, and ultimately became a full-time FOA coach. Coach Cohen coached at The Lawrenceville School where he was an assistant coach and helped his team to be named #1 in the country in three different polls. Coach Cohen is currently the faceoff coordinator for Lasalle College High School, and is also the director of FOA Pennsylvania, FOA Baltimore, and is the faceoff coach for the 2026 Nike All Star Team in PA.

Number 1 faceoff unit in the country
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